Home - 2011 - Costa Rica - Day 6

Photographer: Various

Balcony view, early morning

Arenal, steaming mad

Vulture warming in the sun

Looking for nibbles


Banana bunch

Hanging bridge

Coiled fern

Sun burning off the haze


Lots of epiphytes


Banded Peacock

Fruit breakfast for clay-colored thrush

Cherrie's tanager

Arenal, devoid of clouds

Tarantula with egg sac

Tarantula without egg sac, hiding in a bromalia

Single-day orchid

Tiny orange orchid

Eyelash viper hiding in a tree

Another single-day orchid

Crimson patch?

Giant, giant tree

Marine toad

Lizard on the forest floor

Arenal with clouds rolling in

Lake Arenal from inside the national park

Sleepy but rumbling

Tall grass

La Fortuna

La Fortuna Falls

Approaching the falls

La Fortuna Waterfall

Top of the falls

Getting close to the torrent

In the spray


Don't get too close

Towel creation #1: elephant

Cows on the ridge

Hummingbird outside our room

Egrets over the forest

Steakhouse for dinner


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