Home - 2011 - Costa Rica - Day 4

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Dirt road to the hotel

Gracias, Pfizer! Mas firmeza! The stallions are a subtle touch as well

Fishing and tourist fleet

Playa Tamarindo

Kitchen and steps at Tamarindo Yam

One of our two bathrooms

Marlin del Rey, our vessel

Stand-up paddleboarders

Surfing lessons

Frigate bird

Heading to the catamaran

Partly cloudy

Tamarindo hotels

Hoisting the jib


Sail up

Tamarindo in the distance

Jet skier


Starfish cuddle time

Unidentified fish

Unidentified fish

Puffy clouds


Islands as dusk approaches

Fish on the line

Big wet kiss

Prepping the main sail

Rugged coastline

Circling birds

Flock of pelicans

Hoist the main sail

Off the shore in Tamarindo

Sailboat at full sail

Drink holding net

Pointing into the wind

Ready to go down with the ship

Kissing the horizon

Below the horizon


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