Home - 2010 - Hawaii trip - Day 3

Photographer: Josh Eckels

View from the rental house lanai

Last Resort, our empty, tiny neighbor

Kilauea Iki

Kilauea Iki crater

Giant ferns

Unfurled fern

Hikers on the trail below

Wild ginger, desiccated

Main crater, steaming away

Like a giant, cracked parking lot

Mineral deposits

Inside the Kilauea Iki crater

Exiting the crater floor

Rough rock

Rain forest

Dimly lit

Kilauea Iki floor again

Ferns in a major drought

Kilauea, far from dormant

Mineral deposits clearly visible

Red ringed leaves

Devastation trail, living up to its name

Steam vents

Kilauea crater

Full Kilauea caldera

Pahoehoe lava flow

Lily pad pond

No nene, but still a waterfowl

Afternoon on the beach


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