Home - 2009 - Mexico trip - Day 1

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Looking out of our city view room

A very big palapa

Tile roof under our balcony

Looking toward downtown

Our hotel, Fiesta Americana

Inside the giant thatched roof


Koi ready to attack

Radially symmetric

Day beds for rent

Ocean view

Security to keep the vendors at bay

Parasailing, anyone?

Massage hut

Stormy out in the bay

Seahorse statue

Triton reaching for Nereida

Looks to be raining the Zona Hotelera

Friendship Fountain

Iglesia de Nuestra Seņora de Guadalupe

Stained glass window

A little fishing before the rain comes

Pelican in flight

Pirate ship on the prowl

Twlight on the beach

Seahorse streetlights

Slicked fronds

Bent leaves

Iglesia de Nuestra Seņora de Guadalupe, all lit up

Los Arcos and sunset

Welcoming sand sculpture


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