Home - 2009 - Peter's visit

Photographer: Various

Ready to hit the trail at Cougar Mountain

Browning leaves

Orange leaves in the clearing

Stopping for a photo

Mossy stumps

Overgrown tree fort?

Mushroom cloud

Inspecting the fruit

Quincy's still under the weight limit for now

Lunch time nap

More snoozing

Looking tough


Chained dogs

Crumbly and poisonous

Fall leaves

Gasworks backlit

Kite control

Flying high

Reading up on the refinery's history

Space Needle in the glare

South Lake Union

On the north shore of Lake Union


Squid attack

Ready for liftoff

Crash landing

Picking up the snail

Playing with his new friend


Picking up the tiniest of the snails

Poking the frogs

Airborn amphibians

Time for high-fives

Locked up

Roasting marshmellows

Waiting for it to get melty


Cooking at its finest

Ready for a taste

Not sure about the flavor

Enjoying the fire

Feeling left out

Completely shunned

Chatting around the fire pit


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