Home - 2009 - Emory's birthday party

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Pre-party deliberations

On the run

Full contact golfing

Coals ready for food

Present pile

Deciding what to do next

Boden looking a little sleepy

Kevin tends to the grill

Careful stretching

Plenty of sausage

Fully inflated

Not quite enough lung power yet

Eyeing the birthday boy's plate

Stroller-bound party-goer


Drie, hanging in there

Sipping from the cup

Chugging from the bottle

Peeling the hotdog

Blowing out the candles

Not quite done

Fully extinguished

Tasty yet waxy

Cupcake grab

Diving in

Licking off the frosting

Jealous of everyone else's dessert

Present time

So cool

Blocked by ribbons

Pausing momentarily to read the card

Off-camera: a pile of toy cars

Reading and furiously unwrapping

Sports gear

Inspecting the new vehicle


The growing fleet

New juicer


The unwrapping continues

Savoring the cupcake

New bike bell

And new bike

Test driving

Completely oblivious to the upcoming punishment

Taking the first swing

A few more blows

Roman takes a swing

A swing and a yell

More punishment

Parents in the back

Enjoying the pummeling

A little more force

Emory takes another turn

The decisive blow

A few more for good measure

Mad scramble

Going for the suckers

Disembodied heads

No shame


Approaching maximum capacity

Too full



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