Home - 2009 - Weekend in the Cascades

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Milling around, waiting for action

Middle and Lower Wallace Falls

Lower Wallace Falls

Middle Wallace Falls

Do not cross

Upper half of Lower Wallace Falls

Looking east

Looking south east

Majestic power lines

Time for a quick snooze

Master bedroom at our rental

Our living room

The kitchen and dining area

A gentle hand on the shoulder

Going for the throat

Blanket time


Victorious by default

Trailhead, White Pine Trail

A quick nap before heading out

At the alert

Clear skies

In the woods

Tugging away

Getting muddy

Small waterfall

Turned away from the view

The view

Heading up

Sniffing around the new growth

A little dirty

Wild blueberries

Lots of blueberries

Ready to get moving again


Lurking in the berries

Stringy moss

So sleepy

Not so sleepy

Back at the trailhead

Time to recharge

Ready for more

Wild berry lineup

Der Hoffway Haus - sounds better than staying at a halfway house

Our cabin

Highway 2, right outside


Mmmm... leash

Heroic gaze

Beaver Lake, Lord Hill Regional Park

No beavers in sight

Dead tree, not felled by beavers



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