Home - 2009 - California trip - Day 4 - Tamarack Creek and Cascade Creek

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our cabin at the Evergreen Lodge

Some of the common spaces

Dotted lichens

Green tufts

Fuzzy lupine

Burnt area

Partly cloudy again

The elusive trailhead

Lupine everywhere

Twisty and stright

Burnt but still standing

Walking out of the valley

Twisted trunk

Bridalveil in the distance

Lots more lupine

Tamarack Creek

Gold flecks?

Peeling tree

Aquatic plants

Silhouetted trees

Pine cones ready to drop

Creekside plants

On the shore

Cooling off the feet

Tiny island

2" waterfall

Standing tall in the churning waters

Wild iris

Snowplant, looking, very red

Many dead trees


Bridalveil once again

Parking lot in view again

Don't be like this guy

Our cabin

Our cabin

Our deck


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