Home - 2009 - California trip - Day 3 - Mist and John Muir trails

Photographer: Various

Destination options

Towering cliffs

Brunch treat

Not very shy

Merced River

First good look at Vernal Fall

Getting pretty wet at this point

Vernal Fall, close to the top

Extra misty at the bottom

Merced River before it dumps into the fall

Over the edge

Partly cloudy

Popular lunch spot

Extra lunch guest

Directives from the trail

Silver Apron

Flaking bark

Liberty Cap and Mount Broderick

Upwards to Nevada Fall

Still pool

More clouds rolling in

Granite everywhere

Merced River heading down to Yosemite Valley

Gaining speed just before the dropoff

Drip drip drip

Time to get wet again

Nevada Fall from the John Muir Trail

Me in front of Liberty Cap

Liberty Cap and Mount Broderick again

Trail flowers


Hiking back down to the valley

Scenery stencil

Illilouette Gorge

Staying behind the caution tape

Our rental car, foreground, bear, background

Tromping into the woods

Goodbye, #5


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