Home - 2008 - Trip to Maui - Day 4

Photographer: Josh Eckels

No waterfall, no restroom, just a trail on the road to Hana

The trees demand your silence

Vine high-rise

Mildly scarred bamboo

Why keep your roots underground?

Go past the official end and you'll get to this nifty dam

Branches everywhere

Bamboo thicket

Pretty sturdy for a grass

Very green

Strange flowers

Posing briefly

Down to a trickle

Guava going to waste

Lone guava, not moldy yet

Dragonfly looking for a snack

Shadowy pond

A different butterfly on the way out

No idea what this one's called

Wild ginger

Spotted leaf

Glimpse of the road in one of its straigher moments

Not a bad rest stop view

Far side of Honomanu Bay

High rise, high voltage

Shore of Honomanu Bay

Black, rocky beach

OK, they're not all black

Igneous, I think

Intricate sand castle

Toppled water tower

Even the weeds are dead

Old sugar cane railroad building

No longer electrified, I hope

What would Thomas think?

Power grid

The tourist-friendly version of the train

The west side of the building's gone missing

One last view of the water tower

In case you've lost track of where to find the ocean

Two of the hundreds

Double tagged


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