Home - 2008 - Emory's second birthday

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Musical gift

Mom's excited about it too


Happy with the instrument

Parental gazes

Birthday lemon squares with tealight

Official party decorations

Taking a few laps on the tractor

Crowded sandbox

Blue-chalked Boden

Taking a swing

Perched on the equipment

Year #2

Bubble time

Puffing away

Mobbed for bubble juice

Getting sticky

Celebratory cupcakes

Cake on fire

Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candle

Frosting leak

Blue everywhere

Rocking out

Stick the tail on the donkey

No blindfolds for the kids

Send in the adults

Headed for the donkey

More bubbles

Watching the games

The birthday boys

Casual shrug

Target: triceratops

Emory takes the first swing

Passing of the weapon

Moving in for a strike

A quick hug to reassure the beast

More viscious blows

Moving on to heavier weaponry

Stabilizing the target

A fatal blow

Putting the candy back where it belongs

Time for the loot

Lots of presents

Fuzzy friend

Explaining all the gifts

Happy Aunt Megan

Elmo's Potty Time!

Watching the gift carnage

Loading up the loot

Presents for Boden

Some acquaintance of Thomas

Quiet time on the sidelines


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