Home - 2008 - Coastal trip - Day 2

Photographer: Various

Tangled roses and weathered roof

Dumping on the rocks

Weighed down

Jumping the chasm

Striding down the slope

Lonely car on a big beach

Horses slowing approaching

Prepping for the first wave

Shovel in the sand

Variously rolling styles in the water

Sludgy slimey foam

Mostly blueish

Strolling photographer

Running for the water

Sand half-dollar

Time to lose the pants

Sandy legs

Bandana on the beach

Wet undies

Patch of green

Big bee

Murky water

Ear attack

Prepping the duck

A careful attack

A sudden retaliation

More attention, please

Dredging the bib

Neighboring house

Running on the beach

Leash-biting at the turnaround point

Back and forth

Done with the running

It seems that I kicked up a little sand

On the beach

On the beach

Sprawling castle

Plenty of beans

Constant opening and closing

At the sink

Double chocolate

Trying out some decorative headwear

Set to crush

Nice 'fro

Tuckered out

Hula sphere

Post-dinner lounging

Shielding the Trivial Pursuit answers

Munchkin Cthulhu, anyone?

Bananagrams, fresh from the banana

Britt's customary pose


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