Home - 2008 - Lake Chelan trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Imposing cliffs on the lakeshore

Lakeshore log

Aquatic grass

Partially submerged log

Barclay Lake

Leaning out toward the water

Nice forest

Haze is finally burning off

Lots of bikes

Twilight over Lake Chelan

Everyone getting ready to race

Wheels behind the fence

#733, getting pumped

School of pink caps

Approaching the halfway point in the swim

Into the sun

Almost ready to head out

Here comes the first biker

Bikers heading out

Why roll when you can carry?

Racers only

Waiting for a Tri Chi Girl

Young fans

Don't get on the wrong side of this flag

Heading back to transition

Greg's done with the bike

Off for a jog

Water handoff

Waiting at the finish line

The Milliseconds announcer takes a rare pause

Keeping the racers and non-racers separated

Nicole wraps up the run

Another hot, clear day


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