Home - 2008 - Mom and Dad's visit

Photographer: Josh Eckels

A massive mini-cheesecake

No berries yet

Nice day in Discovery Park

Lonely sailboat

Mt Rainier with cloud cap

At the viewpoint

Beware of cubist landslides

Sodium lighted tunnel

Blatantly finishing the thawing on the counter

Assisted jailbreak

Taking out the tee

Enjoying the shade on the deck

Enjoying the shade on the deck

The Chicken Run contingent

Something good just happened

Time for desserts

Checking out the construction techniques

Blurred grab

Keeping a respectful distance

A peek at Snoqualmie Falls

The full falls

Salish Lodge

Very green

In the viewing structure

Rolling mists

Short but steep

Swallowed by roots

More than meets the eye

Big pipes

View from the boardwalk

Smashed shanty

Supercar lineup

An unauthorized peek at a muzzled Thomas

Big old bandmill wheel

Up top at the library

Looking down

Partial family portrait

Scandalous fountain down at the Olympic Sculpture Park

Waterfront at the park

Calder gets a bath

Safety cone

Misc parts

Don't touch the giant rusty waves

Shiny tree


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