Home - 2008 - Chicago trip

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Fueling up for a stroll around campus

Clock tower at Rebecca Crown

Puffing away in the shade

New NU rickshaw service

Where it all started

Highly contentious window air conditioners

Relaxing on the lakefill

Looking south to downtown

A finely aged cigar

John demonstrates proper form

Charlie makes use of the classy metal cap

John does the same

My turn

Bouncing recycleables

Post-alley oop celebrations

In the stands at the Sox game

Sipping on the cash

Down the line

Down the line

Dusk sets in

Not much happening

Hildegard, attack dog

Hildegard in a more serene moment

Puerto Rican flag, backwards

Bizarre sculpture in the loop

Old Man Doyle with his non-corncob pipe

Rawhide fever

Crown control in Humboldt Park

Packing up the carnival

Chair overboard

Out for a swim

Boggy plants

Dragonfly takes a breather

No message in this one

Lamp in Humboldt Park

Nest and swallow

Open minded

In an original El train

Old time lightbulb

Sam and his new buddy

Chicago History Museum

Mathematical Advisory, indeed

Relaxing by the window

Happy to see the travelers

Cookie time

Sugar Bowl, still air conditioned

Stapled pole

1322 Harding Ave

1322 Harding Ave

Willow Park

Red silo


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