Home - 2008 - Return to Gold Creek Pond

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Big trucks for big, smelly, noisy toys (snowmobiles)

A hint of a sign

Pondering the fork in the road

Plentiful pinecones

Thank goodness they got rid of that nasty gravel

Scooting through

Glacier, ready to shed another iceberg

Up into the valley

Whispy clouds coming and going

Green tip of a yellow branch

Oozing cones

Balding region at the top of the hill

The ice seems a bit thin in places



Bird hideout

Slushy near the shore


Seems to be melting as the sun keeps shining

Surveying the lake

Snow dusting at the higher elevations

Shoes with teeth

Looking empty at the top

Sun threatens to leave us

Out on the point

Friendly little guy


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