Home - 2008 - Washington DC

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Georgetown church

Pigeon, waiting to dive bomb

Kennedy Center

Key Bridge

Sculpture on the waterfront

Birdhouse with a secret entrance

C&O Canal

Georgetown University's main spire

More gothic stuff on Georgetown campus

Mount Vernon across the lawn

Tree through the archway

Fake stone facade

Overlooking the Potomac

Overlooking the Potomac

Painted wood shingles

Lincoln Memorial

Honest Abe kicking back

Column inside the memorial

Serene sitting

Washington Monument across the pool

Roses at the Vietnam Memorial

Many names

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Looking back at the Lincoln Memorial

Big wreath at the World War II Memorial

Wisconsin, plus assorted other states

Washington Monument at its base

Slice of the Washington Monument

World War II Memorial, plus Lincoln Memorial

Monument plus flag

Smithsonian dome

Dino bones!

Smithsonian Castle

Beware the soap dish

Capitol under blue skies

Gazing down the mall

Deserted Capitol

Space Ship One

Spirit of St Louis

Stylish, comfortable eyewear

Reluctant to add another dimension

Rippled side of the American Indian Museum

Tiered overhang on the American Indian Museum

Dome inside the American Indian Museum

National Gallery fountain

King and Queen, Henry Moore

C&O Canal lock, much farther upstream

Time for a swim

Leave your invasive species at home

Cutting through the faceted rocks

Great Falls

At the Great Falls overlook

Invasive shellfish

C&O Canal lock

Mottled trunk

Guess we weren't supposed to go swimming after all

Checking out El Gaucamole


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