Home - 2007 - Christmas in Seattle

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Beet pasta

Munching on the first present

Plotting which ornaments to strip from the tree

Chopper, doggy guest #2

Kevin returns from the car, causing a commotion

Wrestling for the honor of opening

New mittens for Emory

Running wild with the reindeer

Gingerly removing the tissue paper

Little drummer boy

Smells like rawhide

Retreating from the gift opening momentarily

Back to the unwrapping

New hiking book for Kevin, a temporary spot on the couch for Juniper

Listening to the lark

The dog and lark, kissing

Dinner: beet and spinach pasta with mushroom truffle cream sauce

Sock monkey pajama boy

Lurching for the glass

Temporary tantrum

Chomping on the water glass

Ready for more presents

A mightly pile

Zoe helps out

Mmm... ginger kids!

Ginger kid, about to be devoured

Gnawing away the gift wrap

Careful Power Bone placement

Zoe's new trick

A new toy fo Zoe


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