Home - 2007 - England - 3 - James and Emma's wedding

Photographer: Josh Eckels

A sneak peak at the seating chart

Prime seating at the head table

The barn, set up for the reception

Cool looking tree

Barn roof

Losely Park

The barn at Losely Park

Legal mumbo jumbo

Loseley House

Enormous painting

Chandelier with real candles

Not quite on time

In case a battle breaks out

The ceremony

Signing the license

Photo time outside

The wedding party

Just tractoring through

The photo session continues

The house dog

Stately lawn ornament

Milling about

Wandering the grounds

The first guest to take a whack at a champagne bottle


You lose a little bubbly but it's worth it

The bubbly of the day

Looking very happy with the weapon

Glass chunks flying, but the top is intact

Ready for another go


A very chocolately cake


Previously attached to the bottles

Slicing the cake

Easy does it

Off to the next activity

Emma's speech, delivered by her brother

The groom speaks

Working the crowd

James drinks while the best man delivers his speech


Dancing up a storm

Married dancing

More married dancing

More food, and apparently people are still hungry

Cigar time

Lighting up

Evening conversation

Evening conversation

Always time for a quick text message

The band's on a break

Oliver takes a pint

All dressed up

Lighting up a cigar

The dance floor fills up

Band is back in action

Singing along

Alex threatening the camera

Chatting outside

Chatting outside


Inferno in progress

Set a course for flavor country

Blowing smoke blobs

Puffing away

Lounging around

Flowers on the walkway

The competition is getting younger

The competition is getting younger

Getting sleepy

Official wedding cufflinks

Sipping drinks

Enjoying the evening air

Chatting outside

Check out that ring

Herding people back inside

Checking out the pictures

Spin moves

The band's back again

Mossy roof

Mushrooms sprouting on the lawn

Shiny clasp

Peering into the kitchen

Emma sneaks off


Round window on the barn


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