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Photographer: Josh Eckels

It's not often you see a plaque devoted to a guy's moldy bread

Kensington Gardens

The Orangery, fittingly orange

A bold little guy

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace


Diana memorial, small flower

The large flowers

Billy the third

Queen Victoria in front of Kensington Palace

The creatively named Round Pond

The rebuilt Globe Theater

Millenium Bridge, no longer thrashing about

Louise Bourgeois spider

Power plant tower at the Tate Modern

The behemoth building


Big Ben, two o'clock sharp

London Eye

Approaching the abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Above the doorway

Towers on top of the main exit

Just a little touchup paint

In the courtyard

Westminster Abbey tower

Big Ben, after touring Westminster Abbey

Anti-war protest

Trafalgar Square

Lion, allegedly made from melted down French cannons

The National Gallery

Children trying to be eaten by the lion

Dolphin-based firefighting

Lots of fat pigeons

Trafalgar Square from the steps of the National Gallery

Royal walkway, royal flowers, royal everything

Victoria memorial

Trying to keep out the commoners

Roadway from Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park Corner

Everyone needs a royal crest

Shiny gate

Nice hats


The Serpentine

Grand Court in the British Museum

Rosetta stone

This guy looks tired

Transplanted tomb

Nice lineup

Greeks fighting Amazons, presumably about having to carry pagers

Ready to pounce

Parthenon central

Humans v centaurs

Khorsabad, The Palace of Sargon


Upper half of colossal statue of Rhamesses II, 1270 BC

Marble statue of a youth on horseback, Rome 1st century AD

Piccadilly Circus, channeling Times Square

Piccadilly Circus

Gielgud Theater

Regents Street

Round church

Fortnum and Mason, a snooty kind of grocery store

Duck and sage loaf: an energy rich food

Mushroom and tarragon tart

Dessert time

Tower of London exterior

Tower of London exterior

Inside the tower

Traitor's Gate

Misc old cannons

Lanthorn Tower

One of the other towers

White Tower in the center

Ravens, with clipped wings

Spiral piston collection

Royal fake horses

Armor in the White Tower

Back scratchers

Henry VIII's armor, 1515 (pre-gut)

Henry VIII's armor, 1540 (post-gut)

White Tower

Dusk starting to set in

Carefully mowed moat

Tower Bridge

White Tower, red flowering vines

About to sneak under Tower Bridge

Hilton London Metropole, our home away from home

All the important sights

Harrods. An expensive place for everything

Belgrave Square

Orange brick buildings

Hyde Park gardens

Wrestling with the ugly fish

Hyde Park Corner


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