Home - House stuff - Bathroom remodel - 2 - In progress

Photographer: Various

Moving an outlet

A few tools, a little mess

Ready to yank the cabinet and sink

Dismantling the cabinet with the utmost care

Cabinet removed, plaster texture on the walls

Removing the linoleum

Down to the original floorboards

Quite the throne

Cement board going in

Cement board full secured

Sorting out the tile spacing

Time for some wet saw fun

Chipping away at the cutout

What a nice circluar cut

Tile, with spacers

Tile, with spacers

Tile, without spacers

Tile, without spacers

With extra grout

Necessary grout only

The new toilet

The old shower, looking like it needs either a cleaning or to be ripped out

We decided to rip it out

The wall, exposed

Creative piping

Looking deep into the wall

Lots of pipes

Mostly cleaned up

The wall, exposed

Cement board for under the shower

Cement board for the walls

Shower base, installed

Planning the shower tile

One wall, tiled

Accent strip

Exactly one bathroom worth of junk

Bye bye, poor flusher

Lots of partially clogged pipes


Baseboards going in

Shower, excess grout removed

Working the sink

New faucet, looking nice

Ready for some walls

Ready for some walls

A little finesse...

Furniture against the wall

Shower, with doors!

Nice little toilet

Hole in the wall

New window, minus trim

The foam expands

Trimmed out inside


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