Home - 2007 - Orcas Island anniversary trip

Photographer: Various

Entering Moran State Park by the vintage sign

Off on the Cascade Lake Loop trail

Reflected branches under the cloudy sky

Underwater bridge

Some sort of dam structure

Mushrooms growing on a tree

Presumably someone's previous water supply

Cascade Falls, in all its limited splendor

Double sparklers

This one wants to hurt you

The paddleboat seems to be losing the race

Pathway leading to the cottage

The Primrose cottage

The front porch

Semi-canopied bed

Cozy kitchen

Wood burning stove

Massacre Bay

Road stretching along the water

Crackly bark

Treehouse tucked away

Mountain Lake

Partially charred tree

Spider web dome

Stern signage

Plenty of clouds on day 2 as well

Monochromatic gravel, with slime

Mountain Lake from the climb up to Mt Constitution

Bellingham from the tower

More of the San Juans

Mt Baker poking through the clouds

The tower

Deer Harbor Marina

Blue ship, blue skies

Gaining on the sailboat

Ferry about to disgorge at Friday Harbor

Seals on the rockscritt

More lazy seals

A smooth takeoff

Bird covered rock

American Camp on San Juan Island

A brief glimpse of the minke whale

All the boats chase the whale

Plane, ready to dive bomb the whale

Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse

Three Dall's porpoise ready their attack

One get very close

Glinting in the sun

Two cresting at the same time

They don't like to show their heads

Bald eagle perched on a private isle

Spieden Island, rich-man's-playground

Imported for your hunting pleasure

Imported for your hunting pleasure

Back to the dock

No orcas or humpbacks, but we did get porpoises

Pacific Madrone

Shell tucked along the pathway

Tree trunk

Driftwood arch

Nice hair, don't you think?

Archway and swing from the water

Goo-packed seaweed

Mt Baker from the eastbound ferry


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