Home - 2007 - Dan's bachelor party

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Loading the liver into the fridge

Feeling up the glass orb

Enjoying the stickers

Opus One inspector at work

Smashed shell

Our beach is a research area

Alone on the beach

I hate those photography dorks

Heading back to the house

Barnacle stick

Grassy dunes


For your consideration... Easy "Cheese"

An incomparable flavor

Maybe that wasn't a good idea

Desperate attempts to get the raspberry juice

Fatty slices

Dan's special plate

A small subset of the evening's beverages

Trimming the tenderloin

Preparing to taste

Getting a good snoutful

Lots of wine

The Opus One inspector works day and night until the job is done

Penner-Ash: hints of bitterness

Sunset on Friday night

Zingers brand dessert-like food product tubes

A master chef at work

No one's the wiser

Mmm... Zingy!

No cheez in this one

A dessert for those sober enough to realize what they're eating

Annointing the guest of honor

Separated at birth?

Examining the bottle

John, in your face as always

The dead bottles start to accumulate

Knight Rider - worse than you remember it

Shocked, yet bored, at Knight Rider

Sleepy time

On the floor (intentionally, I believe)

Breakfast on the deck

Dan's mortal weakness

Best not to read the ingredients

Angry Dan

"Let's get drunk!"

Lighthouse on the beach

Flying low

Looking dapper in his Chehalem garb

Construction on the waterfront

Signs of a past life

The flock takes to the air

Charred stump

Let's see if he sticks the landing

Strangely orange grass

Intense concentration on something or other

Once again, it's Zinger o'clock

Not sure which he's trying to enhance

If I had to choose just one...

Boxing it up

Getting a little sweaty

Tiny fists of fury

Dan scoffs at Britt's style

A few more wines to try on night #2

The A-Team: better than Knight Rider. Still abysmal

Linn shows off his jig

Anonymous (Jess) reaches for another

Time to TP this place

A stylish sash

A poignant farewell


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