Home - 2007 - ASMS in Indianapolis

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our shipping crate made it safely

LabKey at booth 205

Fortunately we didn't have to break into the emergency hardware

Sorting out the monitor bracket

Happy employee

Fighting with the counter

Fine tuning the lighting

Elaborate light post

Twisting building

The Capitol from the top of the momument

Another monument from the top of the monument

Our hotel, the Columbia Club

Assembled with TinkerToys

Oddly, the exit sign points to the top of the monument

Lucas lurks around the corner

The monument from the base

Lots of wars

Stoically guarding a sandal

Nice fountain

Most of the monument

Not quite sure what's going on here

Canal turned public park

Strolling around in the sun

Time to load some USB drives


More loading

Big fireplace back at the hotel

Leaded windows

Attack eagle, bronzed

Coppery drips

Bison fountain

Bathtime for the ducks

Smooth waterfall


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