Home - 2007 - Sarah and Emory Arrive

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Zoe, briefly submissive

Mini mohawk

Mohawk in profile

Playing with a lid

Fashionable flannel completes this spring's babywear


Trying to prove that both ends can be a choking hazard

Using the wrong side of the spoon

Zoe's introduction to Jack Kerouac (the duck)

Standing up in the sink

Sprinkle sprinkle

Relieved to not be taking a bath, but otherwise horribly neglected

Swingin' around on the faucet

Delicious chew toy

Can't get enough of that muffin liner

The spectators are losing interest

The duck family

Chomping on Lisa's finger with his vampire teeth

Starting to get sleepy

Getting the sweatpants ready

Definitely sleepy

In goes the thumb

Ready to attack the blanket

Up up and away


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