Home - 2007 - Weekend on San Juan Island

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Off to the island

Bow of the ferry

Low clouds

Seagull looking for a snack

Nobody told me where my station was

A brief venture outside

The Veranda Room at the B&B

The parlor

The parlor

The island's Catholic Lutheran church

A big, old rudder

Mossy roof

Orange tub 'o water

11 people used to live in this house

Outside at the Kirk House B&B

A little reading before dinner

Back from the pub

Time for some backgammon

The showdown

Rolling the dice

Lamp shade

Mom, smug in her backgammon victory

Tea time

House at American Camp

Mt Baker in the distance

To the redoubt!

The very nice redoubt

The story the redoubt - built for the Pig War

The vast visitor center

A happy ending to the Pig War

Fortifications at English Camp

Rust on the ferry deck

Ferry bench


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