Home - 2006 - Christmas in Arizona - Hieroglyphics trail

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Background info on the trail


Abused cactus

Smoggy valley

Precarious rock placement

Bright lichen

Curvy cactus

Jettisoned appendage

I'd call them petroglyphs, but the trail calls them hieroglyphs

Break time

Unloading the passenger

Turns out that hieroglyph refers to the character, and petroglyph refers to the fact that it's carved into rock

Hazy view

Still burdened with the backpack


Birds, undeterred by cactus defenses

Uncooperative camera

Trail dog

Baby tarantula

More haze

Dark clouds

Loaded back up for the hike back

Menacing sky

Afternoon light on the cliffs

Afternoon light on the cliffs


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