Home - 2006 - Honeymoon in Kauai - August 21 (Tunnels, bird refuge, Secret Beach)

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Our tropical fruit selection, including the never-ripening mangos

Japanese white-eye

Zebra dove

Tunnels beach

Tunnels beach

Looking west from the water

The roots weren't enough to stop the erosion

A very expensive house

Nice hair

An awkward camera angle for the photographer

Chasing the sand crab around

Tiny sand crab

Now entering Kilauea Point wildlife refuge

Red-footed booby

Red-tailed tropicbird

Great frigate bird

Great frigate bird

Catching all the exciting bird action

At Kilauea Point

Kilauea Point Lighthouse

Within sits the biggest clamshell lens in the world

Red-footed booby nesting grounds

Another red-tailed tropicbird

Red-footed booby. Red feet stowed during flight

All those white dots are red-footed boobies

Rocky and sandy at the same time

Crab peeking out

Very, very tiny baby frogs

Splashing around

Cloud-topped waterfall

Pectoral sandpiper (?)

The rental house's main level

Looking through the living room out the back

Rental house with waterfall in the distance

Steep cliff, indeed

Snorkers on the reef

Two common myna

Palm tree

Tree at night


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