Home - 2006 - Honeymoon in Kauai - August 19 (Koke'e State Park)

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Flowers on the backyard

Leafy thing

Red-crested cardinal

Two female red-crested cardinals

Common myna hopping along

Trail to Pihea lookout, and then into the swamp

Misty valley

Radar at Koke'e Air Force Station

Highly polarized flowers

Clearing up over the valley

Opposite side of the valley

Dragonflies, even more common than helicopters

Tiny dragonfly

Translucent leaves

The trail is halfway between dirt and rock

Up in the clouds

Looking inland to the south

Marker at Pihea Lookout

Wild ginger in the river valley

Pausing for a quick snack

Scrubby Alaka'i Swamp

Abandoned utility lines

Fog comes rolling in over the cliffs

Foggy and swampy

A splash of red

Murky waters

Erckel's francolin, an African import

Afternoon light in the valley


Tiki torches abound

A less than magestic waterfall


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