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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Time to start replacing the wall

Making a hole

Bigger hole with all sorts of goodies inside

Cleaning up the edges

Backer board installed

Tile, cut and ready to hang

Little strip below the window

Way too many wires

Waiting for the thinset to set

Waiting for the thinset to set

Patched up by the light switch

Laying out the next area

The really complicated part

Everything cut and ready to go

One last look at the yellow

One last look at the yellow

Looks like chocolate pudding

Two levels done

Not quite done yet

Working the tricky diagonal part

Steady as she goes

The last tile for this section

All the pieces behind the stove in place

Working on the area to the left

Almost there, just some more bullnose tiles


More grout!

Grout for everyone!

Still more grout

All done!

All done!


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