Home - 2002 - Thanksgiving trip to Southern California

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Spike looking at the big spider in her fancy grad student office

Bird on the shore

UCSB campus as viewed across the lagoon

The beach on campus

The Pacific ocean, complete with oil rigs

Drainage from the lagoon into the ocean

Tree trunk near the lagoon

Shore birds in the UCSB lagoon

One of the big buildings on campus

The tower at UCSB

Flowers on the UCSB campus

UCSB campus

Melody amused at Spike and Amanda swinging around on the wall

Spike spots Amanda during bouldering

Spike doing some bouldering

Jeff dismounts from the summit

Spike doing some bouldering

Spike doing some bouldering

Cleanup time

The Thanksgiving table - note the silverware

Carnage in the kitchen

A very buttery turkey

The Rockin' Talkin' Stick Pony - patent pending

Post-dinner sleepies

A slice of pumpkin pie and a very mangled slice of pumpkin cheesecake

Cruisin' in Clifford

Sierra mountains from a speeding car

Mountains closer than they appear

Clifford and Chocolate the Moose lounging

Jeff and Laura looking a bit chilly

Jeff, Laura, Spike, and Chryssi around the campfire

Spike, Chryssi, a beer, and a Coors Light

Chryssi and I cuddle for warmth

The campfire

Spike and Chryssi sitting by the campfire

Three inches of snow: a pleasant 3:00 AM surprise when you're camping beyond the point where they plow the roads

Spike and Chryssi's unauthorized use of my camera

The Sexterra glistening in the snow

Clifford ready for some hot 4-wheel drive action

The smokey casino, one of two places open at 4:00 AM in Bishop

Jeff and Spike looking refreshed after their three hours of sleep. Note the broken applesauce jar.

Spike, Chryssi, and my legs after a delicious Denny's (previously named Danny's, as we learned from the corporate art on the wall) breakfast

The glorious donkey sculpture at the Bishop visitor center

Snowy mountains

Snowy mountains

Chryssi trying to look happy

Chryssi taking a break from driving

Shrub by the side of the road

Mountain view

Mountain view


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