Home - 2002 - Pumpkin carving party

Photographer: Josh Eckels

It begins

More carving

Opening the cranial cavity

Darren, proud pumpkin owner

Tim sawing away

John and Chloe, engaged in pleasant conversation

Some serious scooping

Jess cheers Lisa on

Ziggy, already in progress

Mardee bathes her masterpiece

Lots of guts

A briefly vacant spot at the table

Mardee, her gloves, and Ziggy

Megan nears completion

John and Dave plot their strategies

The research department

Look at all that pumpkin goo

Rob the oral surgeon

Mr Pumpkin avec son petit chapeau

Most of the finished pieces

Post-carving relaxation

John flings pumpkin bits hither and thither

John unveils his bovine masterpiece

Dave finishing the surgery

A rare glimpse into the interior of Mr Pumpkin

The whole lineup

Dave, Mara, and Megan's pumpkins

Mr Pumpkin, hatless

Skeleton pumpkin with tassle

Me carving like a madman

More carving excitement

Skeleton pumpkin all lit up

John's cow pumpkin

Dave's Enron pumpkin


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