Home - 2002 - Trip to John and Chloe's Wedding

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The Columbia River as viewed from Astoria, OR

Jess examines his sugar water

Astoria: birthplace of cable TV?

The Astoria Column as viewed from the west

Lisa and Jess on the top of the Astoria Column

Rob on the top of the Astoria Column

My car in the shadow of the column

View of the Pacific Ocean from the top of the Astoria Column

North side of the Astoria Column

The column in its native habitat

View to the southwest from the top of the column

The outside of the Bradley House Bed and Breakfast

My fancy room

My fancy room

Deep Fried Twinkies: The East Coast Sensation

A deep fried twinkie, covered in fruit goo and powdered sugar

Jess prepares for the treat of a lifetime

Just seconds before the first taste

Jess is in Flavor Country

Jess savors the first bite

To quote Rob, "The mouth of the beast"

Finger-licking good

Rob takes a taste

The East Coast Sensation meets a West Coast trash can

North Beach, allegedly the longest beach in the world

Lisa, Jess, Rob, and a wooden octopus

Cliffs to the north of the North Head Lighthouse

Another view of the cliffs

The North Head Lighthouse

The world's largest GPS


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