Home - 2019 - Work trip to Atlanta

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Hardy Ivy Park, a tiny sliver of green on Peachtree

Well manicured lawn at Centennial Olympic Park

Georgia Aquarium, mid-expansion

World of Coca Cola - a chance to pay to learn about a brand

Big piranha

Belugas swimming together

Frolicking around

Whale shark and friends

Another whale shark and a big manta ray

Another lap

Jelly (certainly not a jellyfish)

Heading back up

And back down

The crowd builds as the morning progresses

Back in the park

Getting a head start on beating the heat

SkyView Atlanta

The Skyline Users Group meeting getting underway on Sunday

View into the tank during the break

Ominous looking stadium after the rain

Federal building, formerly the post office

Greening vacant building

Dusk from the top of the Hilton

Fountain of Rings evening show

Spritzing the evening air

Columns and the SkyView

Illuminated column

They let them keep the rings

Red Phone Booth (speakeasy) secret entrance

Inside the civil rights museum

Outside the civil rights musuem


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