Home - 2019 - Utah trip - Day 4 - Bryce

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Bye bye rain

Nice blue skies again

The walk-in campsites at Watchman

Trying to dry everything out

Full campground from the micro-archeology trail

More clouds rolling in

Bear sighting

Heading to the petroglyphs


Eroded rock

Another view north

Red and black, while waiting to enter the tunnel

Through the tunnel, and at Checkerboard Mesa

Checkerboard Mesa

Campground just outside Bryce

Bryce Canyon

Heading down from the rim

Found some snow

Approaching the arch

Panorama from heading into the canyon

Bright orange

Hoodoos stacked everywhere

Winding down

Little towers

Down down down

Arches and dark clouds

Like mud piles

Towering overhead

More delicate towers


Blue skies and gray clouds

Threading through the Peak-A-Boo trail

Skinny spire

At a little pass

Mid-canyon view

Viewpoint on the rim

Leaning right

Crumbled mud and rock


Little nesting site

Three layers of hoodoos

Mound and towers

A little green

Back up

Very dark clouds

Junction for the loop

Light and dark

Sprinkled rock

Heading up again

Each layer gets its own shade


Tunnel vision


Spring growth

Another arch. Or is it a bridge?

Like dripping wax

Beige and purple

Snowy wash

Nearing the rim again

Green at the bottom

Here comes some rain or something

It's hail!

Clearing up again

From the edge of the rim

Lots of fingers

Zooming in

View from Bryce Point

Plenty of arches

Nicely rounded

Bryce Natural Bridge

Bare tree branches at this altitude still

Light rock at the very top

Another sweeping view

Snow, freshly topped with hail

View from 9000' at Rainbow Point

Dusk at the campground


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