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Photographer: Josh Eckels

First bird sighting

Larco backrooms, open to the public!

Miraflores coast in the evening

View from our hotel room

Parade at the Plaza de Armas

Lots of cool corn

Heading to dinner

The sprawling fort

Mostly square-ish

Two biggest parts of Moray

Boots off, feet up

Sunrise on the second day


About to descend

Through the grass

Andean condors overhead

From the top of Patallacta

Llamas at the bottom

A little fog in front of Wayna Picchu

At the big viewpoint

At the viewpoint

Defunct ferry

Tree rat

Still pretty cranky

Stretching out

Resting on the canopy

Capybara on the river bank

Black-collared hawk

Clutching the branch

Long tail

Don't steal my tree juice!

Walking on water, as usual

Macaws getting scrappy

Maybe a chestnut-breasted coronet

Un-ID'd butterfly

Black caiman

Stretching to the left

Rufescent tiger heron

Distinctive orange band

Tail end of the anaconda

The catch of the day

Black scorpion

Head scratches

In the midst of the big tree roots

Looking back for a buddy

Hoping it's not time to wake up

Amazon kingfisher

Almost like a burled wood bowl

Good view of the moon


Enjoying a snack

Trading spaces

There it is!

Spiders everywhere in the weeds

Pygmy kingfisher

Lightning show

Spearfishing success

Praying mantis on the paddle

The storm gets closer

A visitor under the shelter

Heading downriver


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