Home - 2018 - Peru - September 1 - Amazon day 5

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Good view of the moon

Sloth, barely visible

Black hawk

Tiny bird

Completely vertical

More swamp

Parakeet at rest

Profile view

Hoatzin, aka prehistoric bird

All hanging together in the swamp

Quite the crest

The swamp


Spiky feathers

Black-fronted nunbird

Dragonfly and web

Enjoying a snack

Tenderizing the poor frog

Stare down

Looking out

Tananger, possibly

Returning to the boat

Very red-tailed dragonfly

Cruising through

Horned screamers

Horned screamer, AKA donkey bird

More donkey birds


Fish for dinner tonight

The fisher folk

Trading spaces

Another kingfisher

Miles of green

Can you spot the sloth?

There it is!


Our camping gear

Party at the village tonight

Under the parasol

Looking scruffy

Hacking through the hyacinth

Spiders everywhere in the weeds


Pygmy kingfisher

Landing spot for the campsite

Shelter for the campout

Setting up the tents

Dinner is underway

Ready for a hike

Re-finding the trail

Not for dinner

On the move, as always

Up up up

Where next?

Nice tail curve

One of the group

Dubious of the spectators

Baby heads up

Making a getaway

Another weeded-up lake

The flat areas are all over water

Completely clogged

A quick dinner before mosquitos really come out

Ladeling out the soup

Tarantula on the tree

Seeking all caiman

A bigger one to hold and love

Tickle its belly!

Lightning show

Spearfishing success

Save you for breakfast tomorrow

Praying mantis on the paddle

The storm gets closer

A visitor under the shelter

Nice and hairy


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