Home - 2018 - Peru - August 31 - Amazon day 4

Photographer: Josh Eckels

At the very tree top

Nice morning to be out on the water again

I give up trying to ID these butterflies

Lower angle

Another set of squirrel monkeys

Munching on the go


In the full light

Head scratches

Stretching all the way out

Oh hello there

Imposing tree base

Red vines

Very purple back side

Not a lot of sun making it through

Capybara skeleton

In the midst of the big tree roots

Ready to be gobbled

Very rusty bark

Huge but all torn up

Paddle tree

Cannon ball fruits

Brown capuchin

Checking on the noise below

Looking back for a buddy

Not sure what to make of the intruders

Tiny red dragonfly

Huge bromeliads

Noisy night monkey, not so noisy during the day

Hoping it's not time to wake up

Another pygmy marmoset

Lunch is served

Solar panel setup

Reading at the cabin

Impressive antenae

Out seeking more adventure

Amazon kingfisher

Another insect nest

Fungus stalks

Dusky titi with its thick tail

Almost like a burled wood bowl

More slumbering bats

Maybe another tananger

Sunset approaches

Vultures and cormorants

Night sky

Glimpse of the Milky Way


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