Home - 2018 - Peru - August 29 - Amazon day 2

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Catfish holes, exposed by the low water level

Common potoo blending into the top of a broken tree

Black-collared hawk

Showing its black collar

Two slate-colored hawks

Ringed kingfisher

Dense jungle along the river

Great egret

Bright green everywhere

Long-nosed bats perched on a tree to sleep

Bat closeups

Cocoi heron

Sloth seeking the tastiest leaves at the top

Catilevered out

Heading down to safety

Trying to blend in

Close to the main trunk at last

Lesser kiskadee

Immature wattled jacana showing off its long toes

Squirrel monkey

Clutching the branch

Reaching for the next vine

Black hawk

Immature turkey vulture at takeoff

Arched wings of vulture in flight

Undercut roots

Tanager of some sort, maybe blue-gray?

Small bell wasp nest

Out on the wide open Amazon

Oriole blackbirds

Gray and pink dolphins around the boat

Closest thing to a pink dolphin photo I could manage

Swimming in the Amazon


Green iguana dangling

Long tail

Giant lily pads

Checking out the swap

At the giant lily pads

In various stages of tattering

Bright white flowers

Shiny in the equatorial sun

Flipped over

Still pristine

Decaying into nothingness

Green and purple

Woven nest

Pygmy marmoset checking out the laser pointer

Slurping away

Deadly mushrooms

Just hanging out


Don't steal my tree juice!

Walking through the vines

Termite nests are everywhere up in the trees

Hugging the branch

Slow-action strangulation

Check out those three toes!

Kapok tree, with cotton-like seed pod filling

Vines but no Tarzan

Blood mushroom, not actually a mushroom! It's a parasitic plant

Crossing the swamp

Palm swap interior

Thick ficus branches/roots

Actual mushrooms

Sure looks like a bird of paradise

Goopy swamp

Crazy branch

Big tree covered in air plants

Bromeliad reaching down

Nighttime canoe ride


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