Home - 2018 - Peru - August 27 - Iquitos

Photographer: Josh Eckels

The side courtyard

Arrival in Iquitos - a small airport

Strolling the tarmac

A total beater of a taxi

Sitting area in our hotel room

Our room at the Casa Morey

Original Portugese tile, selected by a rubber barron

Outside the Casa Morey

Roman Castilla, just outside the hotel

Plaza de Armas, Iquitos style

Cervantes statue

Patron of the army of Peru

Reaching for the vultures

Shacks on the banks of the river

Crumbling facade

Defunct ferry

The rubble of the morning market

Vulture on patrol

Belen Mercado

Fish and plantain for lunch

On the grill

Last sips of a chicha morada

More shacks

Motorcyles and tuk-tuks

Warming the wings


Water at its low point for the year

Historical Ships Museum

On the top deck

Setting up for the night along the riverwalk

Vultures at dusk

Inside the Museum of Indigenous Amazon Cultures

Walking down to the dock to catch the boat to dinner

On the boat to the restaurant

Appetizers arrive at Al Frio y al Fuego

Poolside dining available

Lots of food

Nightime ride in the tuk-tuk

In the tuk-tuk


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