Home - 2018 - Peru - August 26 - Machu Picchu

Photographer: Josh Eckels

In line for the early morning bus

The next batch of busses starts to arrive

On the lookout for Machu Picchu

Sun trying to break through

Steps up to the Central Plaza

Starting to clear the trees for a view

Machu Picchu!

Low cloud layer

A little fog in front of Wayna Picchu

Wayna Picchu

Terraces at the top of Wayna Picchu

At the big viewpoint

Full view

The tourists swarm

Nicely perched on the slopes

Decorative llamas

The residential sector

At the viewpoint

Terraces on top for the bare bedrock

Starting to descend

The other side of the valley

House of the Guardians

Lawnmowers at work

Looking down to the main gate

More fog

The crowns creep downwards

Ceremonial baths in the foreground

The hydroelectic dam

Waiting just inside the main gate

Sacred Plaza in the foreground

Looking back up the hill

Quarry area

Edge of the residential sector

Principal Temple

Temple of the Three Windows

Steep terraces

Taking in the views

Central Plaza

One-way traffic only

Intihuantana - a sundial

One of the few to survive the Spanish

Down in the Central Plaza

Gridded for exact reconstruction

The Sacred Rock, mirroring the range behind it

Overhanging beam

Looking back at the House of the High Priest and Sacred Plaza

Reference point

All jacked up

Outside of the Temple of the Three Windows

A lot of stone

Heading into the Industrial Sector

Near the bottom of the city

Wayna Picchu again

Tiny purple flowers

Switchbacks on the bus route

Steep dropoff

Temple of the Condor

Wandering the residences

Valley views

Lower elevations aren't as restored

Former fountains in the foreground

Close to the exit

Temple of the Sun, with very fine masonry

Inside a reconstructed roof

One tree that survived the clearing

Mossy roof

A very cozy bus seat

Back to town for lunch

Eclectic bridges

Face with a runny nose

Looking south of town

Our Peru Rail train is boarding

Lots of tired passengers

Checking back into the Belmond Monestario

Upgraded to the presidential suite!

Big bathroom


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