Home - 2018 - Peru - August 25 - End of trekking

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Patallacta in the morning sun

Our trekking crew - two horsemen, two tourists, one chef, and one guide

About to say bye to Patallacta

Last shot of the sun temple

Full view

Flat area after the climb


About to go up again

Avocados, all just out of reach

Urubamba River


Small ruins

Here come the porters

Mamma and chicks

Passing the Inca Trail hordes

Small cemetary

Meeting up with the train tracks

KM 82 on the Inca Trail

Crossing the Urubamba

Train station

Our end point, where most people start

Trying to overload

Tiny cat in the sun

Grazing in the orchard

Saying hello to Shaggy

Shaggy, the Peruvian hairless dog

The rain clouds gain strength

Lunch spot and end of the hike

Urubamba Valley

Rain on the barley

Train station in Ollantaytambo

The long wait for our train

Ready to board in the drizzle

Ready for a real bed

Chaos at the Machu Picchu Town station

Entrance to our hotel, El Mapi

In the lobby

Three small beds

Political rally


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