Home - 2018 - Peru - August 24 - Trekking day 3

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Morning light in the valley

Paukarkancha again

Pre-breakfast walk

Low-altitude condor?

Clucking and crowing

Paukarkancha still in the morning shadows

Trying to blend in

Cerveza for offer

Mini irrigation channel

Sitting down on the job

More snow caps

Bright green barley

Firey red

Crossing the temporary irrigation stream

Potatoes and fava beans

Grazing away

Mud brick construction in progress

Drying and baking

Entering the next village

Too wide to cross with dry feet

More and more buildings

Covered cliff face

Nevado Veronica in the distance

Nevado Veronica

More and more and more bromeliads

Orange dots everywhere

Incoming mules

Nevado Veronica


All lit up

Meeting up with part of the Inca Trail

Entering the smaller Llactapata ruins

Upstairs grainary

Butterfly over the perched shrub

Spikey seeds at Llactapata

Orange and green

First big view of Patallacta

Patallacta panorama

Top part of Patallacta

About to enter Patallacta

Almost done with the third day's hiking

Only eight years old

Approaching the sun temple


Peeking out the window

Checking out the mummy cubbies

In the sun temple

Campground with a view

Patallacta under threatening skies

Village pathway

Patallacta signage

Sun temple, built on a really big boulder

Llama on duty

Tagged and lazy

Panting in the afternoon sun

Dirty sheep

Grazing on the terrace

Heading up the stairs

Roofless but otherwise intact

High rent area at the top

Old and new

From the top of Patallacta

More of the Andes

Dirt mound

Guard point across the valley

Plowing the field

Up the terraces

Llamas at the bottom

Succulents gripping on

Another view of the sun temple

Curved temple wall

Boulder for foundation

Duck and ducklings

Corn looking happy

Weeds at the campground


Off duty for the day

Late afternoon at the base of Patallacta

Kitchen area

Small stream through the campground

Thinking about making the hop

Dinner tent is ready

Happy hour begins

Almost full

Tent lantern

Clear southern skies


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