Home - 2018 - Peru - August 23 - Trekking day 2

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Sunrise on the second day

A little early morning light on the peaks

Visiting canine

Camp in the midst of packup

Scattered bones

Riding on up

Tiny high-altitude succulents

Clear early skies

Shadows receding

Clouds starting to roll in

Overnight ice

Valley disappearing

Clearing up again

Scrubland as we approach the pass

Burning off the haze

Taking the longer but horse-friendly approach to the pass

Long ice crystals

Way past the treeline

Approaching 4600m

First glimpse of the glaciers

View at the pass

Flat area to the side

Direction of travel



Pass marker

At the pass


About to descend

Plunging into the valley

Guide, horse, and horseman


Stopping for a snack

Curving around

Small stream at first, to be followed for the rest of the trek

Bright green


Patient and tolerant

Looking back up toward the pass

Slowly thickening air

Short break before charging ahead again

More big hills

Marching on

Still clear skies

Corral down below

Through the grass

Andean condors overhead

Four condors circling

Heart-shaped corral

Same condors, still circling

Down in the valley

Snowy range


Sheparding in action

Our little stream gathers power

Another set of trails

Old canal

Looks like the Andes, all right

Our first bridge of the trek

Keeping an eye on the sheep

Happy to get some fruit!

Jagged and bare

Lassoing up the misbehaving steers

Passing through Pampaccahuana, the first town of the trek

Lambs on the run

Mom's a little shaggier and dirtier

Black sheep

Waterfall in the distance

Piglets on the prowl

Paucarcancha - Pampaccahuana sector

Nice spot for lunch

Across the stream

Our chef at work

The path forward

Lunch tent with tea ready to serve

Back on the trail, chasing a cow

Getting greener with every step

First of the invasive eucalyptus

Bridges are getting bigger

Bright red bromeliads

Air plants and lichens

Retaining wall a little ways ahead

Stream is now a river

Terraces of ruins ahead


Paukarkancha in view

Puffy clouds

Paukarkancha from behind

Terraces of Paukarkancha


Partially stored site

Front of the checkpoint

Rounded central building

At about 3600m

Our campsite, with buildings!

Making friends before the pup starts nipping

Dinner tent and general grounds

After sunset


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