Home - 2018 - Peru - August 22 - Trekking day 1

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Early morning departure from Cuzco

Fresh meat in the small town market

Big pile of fruits

Coca leaves - two soles a bag (60 cents)

Heading back to the van for the rest of the drive

Turning off the main road

Our horses, getting prepped for the trek

Ranch and trailhead

Meeting the steed

Little pig

Sheep and cattle at the trailhead

Sun baking some new bricks

Gaining some altitude

Some clouds, but great day

A couple of hours in

Empty trails

Snow caps

Scattered flowers in the fairly arid sections

Here come the horses

Cow on trail

Arriving at the lunch spot

Boots off, feet up

Deep blue skies

Coca tea at lunch

Very orange lichens

Entering the cloud forest

Getting lusher

Tiny fern

Green to red

Patchwork farmland

Crossing micro climates

Darker skies over the rocky peaks

Royal purple

Traversing the short ridge

Horses up the slope

Taking a break

Entering the next valley

Stream trickling down

First real stream of the trail

Approaching a partial-year ranch

Enjoying the afternoon sun

Alongside the bubbling brook

A few trickles join the main flow

Raptor being camera shy

Cows on the loose

Small houses or huts

Looking back down the valley we hiked up

Afternoon shadows creeping across the valley

Moon coming up

Campsite, night one

Square well

In the spacious tent

Cold and windy at night


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