Home - 2018 - Peru - August 21 - Sacred Valley tour

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Grabbing some breakfast

On the road for our taxi tour of the Sacred Valley

Election signs everywhere

Demonstrating shearing technique

On to the washing step

A wide variety of natural dyes

Insect-based red dye

Showing the laborious weaving technique

Guinea pigs

Tea kettle

Ready-to-use yarns

Petting the baby alpaca

Chinchero signage

Steps up through the village

Approaching the Plaza de Chinchero

Plaza de Chinchero

Capilla de Chinchero

First set of terraces

Wandering the ruins

Empty ruins

Andes fog and a few fellow tourists

Carefully fit walls

Down the valley

Looking back toward town

Clouds sliding in and out

Restored terraces

A few flowers amongst the grass

The path down

Lounging in the trees


North wall of the chapel

Burro in the dust

Popping back up

In the micro-quarry

Down in the valley

Angled grass seeds

Carefully quarried

Not quite alone, but mostly wandering solo

Clearing skies

Bell tower

One of the high-elevation lakes

First glimpse of Salinas

Salt ponds stretching down

Lots of individual salt pools

Mostly square-ish

Down at salt-level

Somewhat mind-boggling

Taking in the Andes

Concentrated clouds

Valley view

Parking lot view

Contoured to the valley

Almost done


Salty sludge

First view of Moray

Two biggest parts of Moray

Possibly an agricultural test ground

Tiny set of terraces

Nestled in the mountains

Biggest amphitheater

Blue skies and puffy clouds

Retaining wall reinforcements

Contoured terraces

Off limits to mere tourists like us

Built-in steps

Light restoration

Rock piles from previous erosion

High view point

A lunch guest

More puffy clouds

Main plaza in Ollantaytambo

Threading through the gift shops to the entrance

Terraces everywhere

Looking back over the town

Farmland to the northwest

What's retaining wall and what's natural

Plants perched in the mortar

At a quiet spot

In the doorframe

A little less headroom

Across the way

Continuing path

Inca ruins in every direction

Moss on branch

Back in town

Condor and puma

Seems plenty safe


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