Home - 2018 - Peru - August 20 - Cuzco

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Original Inca foundations

Results of cranial deformation at the Qorikancha museum

Looking up the slope at Qorikancha

Back side of Santo Domingo

Qorikancha ruins

Inca stones on the loose

Carefully fit chambers

Peeking out from Santa Domingo

Assorted shapes

Bright red flowers

Inner courtyard at Santa Domingo

Capstone in the middle

Wall contents: whatever was sitting around during construction

Statue of Pachacuti in the Plaza de Armas

Iglesia De La Compañia De Jesús

Looking down Calle Plateros

Main cathedral

Stern looking puma

Eroding wall

The famed twelve-sided stone

Intricate balcony

Curving tiny steep streets

On the walk up to Sacsaywamán

At the overlook

Wrapped cross

Corner of Sacsaywamán

A little more uphill to go

Looking across to Rodadero

Rodadero, aka Inca's Throne

Peeking down at the Plaza de Armas

Cristo Blanco

Abandoned construction project

The sprawling fort

With a view into the valley

Section with windows

Surveying the scene

Terraces slowly losing stones

Flat section

Emptying out as sunset approaches

Ranger on duty

Gigantic stones on the front wall

Overlooking the site

Ancient slip-n-slide

Main square at night

Crossing the plaza

Attracting dogs wherever we are

Returning to the hotel


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