Home - 2018 - Peru - August 17 - Lima

Photographer: Josh Eckels

On the streets in Miraflores, Lima, after the long flight

Miraflores cliffs over the Pacific Ocean

First bird sighting

Parque Husares De Junin

Looking south across the overcast coast

Cristo Del Pacífico on the hills to the south

Federico Villareal had a lot going on

Iglesia La Ermita roofline

Vulture on the steeple

Bright yellow

Pedro de Osma Museum, which we stumbled upon

Old-timey replicas

Walking the grounds

Barefoot in the grass

Palm trees on the walkways

Inca scepters

Silver dishes of all sorts

Everyone needs a silver armadillo

Inside the house at the Osma Museum

Plaza Barranco

Plaza Barranco

Parroquia San Francisco de Asis

Parroquia San Francisco de Asis

Colorful walls

Waiting for a lunch table at Isolina

Ceviche and brain omelette!

Our room at the IFE Boutique Hotel

Checking in on the dog with lots of food alergies

Dinner for the first night - Amaz

A multi-course extravaganza


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