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Photographer: Josh Eckels

Beware the siding removal monster

Early progress

Peeling away the metal trim

Vinyl mostly gone

Prepped for battle

Pry pry pry

Inspecting the remnants of the original sill

Original wood siding, looking pretty good

Front porch unwrapped

Side done

Action in the backyard

Rounding the corner

Water heater, free at last

Bonus window

Front, now vinyl-free

Growing debris pile

Last of the vinyl gone

Prepping to make a mess

Blackberries under cover

The peak of the trash pile

Removing the metal cladding over the window trim

Suiting up for battle

It's not quite as tall as I'd like

Ready for the spacewalk

Stacy in gear

Maing some good progress

Front porch

Former front door

Pry bar ninja

Peeling off the tarpaper

Things get a little janky behind the water heater

Rehydrating the hidden veggies

West side, mostly clear

Scary prowler alert

Front, almost clear

Final pieces, coming down

Bagging and boxing

West side, clear!

Front, clear!

Water heater, temporarily relocated

What remains of the platform

Clearing out the old junk

Old porch light

New porch light

Laundry room, exposed

Old gas line, with patch

A few intruding vines in the wall

Somebody's nest

Column stripped


Nice and solid now

Cleaned up and reinforced

Beware a woman with a SawzAll

Bye bye, useless column

Disassembly in action

Reconstructed, and actually connected to the top and bottom

Insulating the laundry room

Making the wedges

Almost fully insulated

A few more pieces

Doing a test fit

Fully assembled tapered column

View from inside

New nail gun testing

East side, stripped of split boards

Some new siding on the wall!

One side down (except for the porch, which is its own unique construction)

Removing the old

Former nest, removed from the wall

A surprise tail in the wall

The owner of said tail

Releasing the beast

Scampering off (cuter in person than in the picture, actually)

West side, deconstructed

Front, also featuring morning glory vines

West side, patched up

West, opposite side of the chimney

North wall, trimmed of split boards

Hacking out the post

New electrical

Romex running from the box

New line out to the garage

Patched up bathroom wall

West side, substructure in place

Calculating the angles

Fun with geometry

Bottom rungs secure

Only simpler angles from here on up

Dodging around the drain pipe

Up up and away

Almost to the top

Where the foundation settling converges

Naked front porch

Siding replaced

Top board in place

Siding done, except what's blocked on the new kitchen window

Bits and gun

Column cap

Coming through

A few more hiding vines

Trying the new router

Affixing the window trim

Fully restored, awaiting paint

Almost done with the back trim


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