Home - 2017 - China - Day 14 - Shanghai and heading home

Photographer: Josh Eckels

Vending machine books

A very fine rockery in Qibao

Qibao arch

More eclectic prayer items

Nice but modest bell tower

Peeking out from the tower

Bell tower and pagoda all-in-one

All sorts of shopping opportunities

Puhui Pond stream

Looking the other direction, still pretty green

There will be no fun with water here

Right through the noggin

Eggs in an egg

Small temple just outside the old town

Naqibao Temple

The most modern temple we visited

Leave my pigs alone, mythical creature!

Covered in the little ones

Garden in the Cotton Textile Mill area

Paved with pebbles

Inside the cotton mill displays

Checking out our hot pot bounty

Ready to board the maglev train

Zipping to the airport

A little wine in the VIP lounge

Low key departure from the Shanghai airport


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